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Greetings 👋🏼

I thought I would introduce myself. I've live in Southern California for a few years now. I am originally from the east coast; New York, Florida, Connecticut and North Carolina. Anyway, I've used forums in the past for other hobbies (mainly aquarium and fishing ones) and I'm looking forward to learning more about this region specifically and finding some good camping destinations etc. and also to learn more about local flora and fauna and bushcraft and primitive survival and camping techniques. As one of my future "bucket list" items is to survive in the woods or "wild" for 365 days or as long as I make it etc. I'm not really into "glamping" and want to get more into primitive and bushcraft style camping before I attempt something like that and work my way up to that. I am getting a total hip replacement on Tuesday, and therefore looking at a two-month roundabout recovery before I could probably even go camping for a few days etc. so I thought I'd join here and do some homework and fantasize about it in the meantime lol. Anyway it's nice to be here and I'm looking forward to meeting you guys and comparing notes, etc. 👋🏼
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