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Originally Posted by Smurfette View Post
Just thought I'd add some of the tips and tricks I've been using to camp with my newborns. I know, you read "newborns" and automatically plug your ears but I have really awesome twins that don't cry much! As a matter of fact, I've had campsite neighbors that didn't even know we had babies in our rig.

That said - I just bought a 21 ft Class C - I'm stoked! I didn't want anything too big and I didn't want anything that I'd have to pull along since it's illegal to ride in a trailer being towed. We're a family of 5. Me, husband, teen and newborn twins. Our rig allows for 6 adults to sleep comfortably, we've managed to sleep 5 adults and two babies with no complaints.

Some gear I find essential for RVing with newborns:

1. Moses Baskets - the babies can sleep any where it's flat inside of these, it can also be used to carry laundry and toys or gear. The baby is protected in the Moses basket because the sides are high and it doesn't tip over easily. Since I nurse, I typically have a basket for each baby in the bed with me and I'm able to do what needs to be done without much hassle. The high sides also keep out any draft. It saves space on toting around infant carriers and playpens.

2. Stroller - you always need mobility

3. Diaper Wipes - cleans much more than dirty bottoms. I buy them in bulk and use them for everything!

4. Car seats - by law children have to ride in carseats but also it provides a safe haven for them while you set up shop at the campsite.

5. Clothespins - so helpful when I need to dry something overnight and don't feel like trekking to the laundry room. Pop a few magnets on the backs of some and anything you need for baby can be within arm's reach of the fridge. I also use a clothespin to hang a
discount lingerie bag of drying bottles over the sink so I can save space on a bottle rack. There is NO room in an RV for a bottle rack!

6. Shoeboxes - keeps all of baby's stuff in one place, with a lid too!

7. Boxes - turned on their sides, inside the closets, you have stacking area. We rarely bring anything dressy enough to hang but find that folded clothes gets messy after a few days. Using a cubby box (got ours from Target in the $1 section) allows everyone to have their own space.

8. Pacifiers - if you choose, makes for a much nicer camping experience.

9. Familiar Wallhanging or Photo from Home - it helps ease the transition for babies if they recognize something from home.

10. Plastic Grocery Bags - can't emphasize enough how handy these are for tying off foul odors. Might seem like common sense but you'd be surprised how many families rudely toss their children's soiled diapers in a public garbage can with no outer barrier.

As my girls get older, I'm pretty sure I'll add more. We're headed to Havasu in 2 weeks, just came back from Borrego Springs RV Resort, got Bolsa Chica and the Sierra's coming up this summer.
It is difficult and fascinating to camp with kids. I have two small kids both love to camp. I always extra burden of taking useless things for them but still it is great fun

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